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Looks like Mark has got the ol’ tingle up his leg…

Oh, Mark, you selfless hunk, always thinking ahead and of others…


Cherry is about to take the news well…


…yes, just think, you can finally earn your keep, Mark.  You have been freeloading for decades now and finally your ship is coming in!


…”one of your stories…”  How cute is that?  Out of the words of foundlings comes the truth!  Mark tells stories!  Based loosely on the “facts” that he scrounges up while on assignment, only to come home saying, “Dang, I wish I had bothered to take some pictures and jot down a few notes…”


How does Rusty know about Jeremy Cartwright?  Do they go to movies?  I don’t see a satellite dish on the cabin roof…  Perhaps he streams the films on his phone?  And how do we know that Mark is going to have an actual part/role in this feature?  I suppose it wouldn’t be the first time a writer/academic (read Indiana Jones) got into a scrape or two…


One thought on “Looks like Mark has got the ol’ tingle up his leg…

  1. Is this what Mark considers over-exuberant behavior? “Settle down, Rusty…” Sure, squash his emotions. Keep the kid in line. Kill his innocent excitement for adventure and fantasy. After all, Mark, you live a sober, workaday existence as a photo-journalist for a nature magazine. Just normal, routine assignments.

    More likely, Mark doesn’t want any competition on who Rusty should have as his “one, true hero” in life: Mark!

    Anyway, I reckon we’ll never hear the fallout of that Central American fetish shipped to Rusty, but it looks like he’s none the worse for wear. Perhaps that’s bothering Mark: “Why isn’t Rusty coming to me for comfort and safety after getting that evil fetish doll?” Was that sent by Dirty Dyer, or perhaps Mark, himself, in some twisted plan to keep Rusty dependent on Good Ol’ Dad?! Okay, okay. I’m getting carried away.

    Let’s bring on the obnoxious Action Hero and his wife, the cheerful (but frustrated) producer.

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