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Could their Skin BE any More WHITE?

I know that the old Box-o-64 from Crayola had a color “Flesh” in it, and we certainly know that’s wrong by any measure, but the colorists would do well to find one of those and apply it to these characters!  That would be “peachy…”


Good heavens, he’s a malcontent isn’t he?  But by the look on Rusty’s face he sure has it for Marnie!  You can almost see the little hearts popping around his head.  Not since his heart was broken by the lovely Mara in the Ancient Artifact adventure, the girl/woman of indiscernible age, he has been pining ever since…


One thought on “Could their Skin BE any More WHITE?

  1. As the two celebs look to wind up their mandatory lunch with the outdoor rubes, one has to ask “Where does this story lead to?” Mr. Donovan, sorry, Mr. Cartwright, does not seem terribly interested in gaining any actual insights about Mark, himself; or perhaps we should say that he has formed some preconceptions and decided that was good enough.

    So, what now: Does the action couple fly off the next day and fade from our literal and figurative view, as we go through another abrupt “Allen Pivot” to an entirely new story line?

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