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Home is where the trailer is…

Well, here we are. Home Sweet Home.

Family, as in plural? ‘Live’ as compared to ‘lives?’ And they are all named after tree fruit?

Edgy! Real! What is “Peach” holding up in the center panel? I like how we are mixing spots and stripes! Can’t wait to meet “Mom!” Looks like Cherry’s parents had a nasty split. Mom got the trailer, the two younger daughters, and Dad got the cabin and land. Cherry appears to not have let the door hit her on the ass as she left…


3 thoughts on “Home is where the trailer is…

  1. Well, it didn’t take Rusty very long to size up his “aunts”! But I suspect the pink object is the ubiquitous smart phone. As for the sisters’ names, it struck me that this naming convention (Olive Pitt, Peach Pitt, Cherry Pitt) was used by E. C. Segar back in the original Thimble Theater comic strip days with Olive Oyl and her family (Castor Oyl, Cole Oyl); then Popeye’s adopted son Swee’ Pea; and Olive Oyl’s original boyfriend, Ham Gravy. It was Ham Gravy who introduced Popeye into the strip by hiring him to captain a treasure-hunting boat.

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