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Wrapping up 2020!

Sorry to have been absent, Campers… Holidays, and all… So let’s start with the latest Sunday installment, featuring the Bobcat, or Lynx… Which by the way was teased any number of times leading up to this:

Cats in general are adaptable… Even the domestic variety. In my experience they retain many of their “Wild” tendencies, even if they become accustomed to finding fresh kibble in their bowl on a regular basis. I must say, however, that last panel is supposed to be a shark? I’m not seeing it.

OK, lots to take in here! From the dailies, we jump from Cherry and the Trailer Park (putting the FUN back into dysFUNctional) to Mark at the shore. But what’s with the flying banner? I didn’t think we were near Miami, but oh well, maybe just trying to lure people down there? And but for the installment below, we really don’t know who this “Niecy” is… But apparently she and Mark go way back and she is an attorney?

Yes, Niecy is Jolly’s daughter who (for the first time) hints at Mark’s reputation for punching first and asking questions later… But there he is! Mark Trail’s farther.

Marky, indeed! Boy Happy is a smooth talker, isn’t he? And apparently has made NO effort to keep up with his son and what’s he’s up to… Or Mark has estranged himself, offering up nothing… And a mere mention of the Farm turns Happy Trail into a zombie? Complete with a goon-squad?

Methinks Happy doth protest too much… He is basically admitting to everything in his denials. This assumes (or not) that Mark has laid out the case and he is responding to it, or Happy is immediately anticipating the complaint and laying down the flack… And Mark, C’mon… Why does anyone own a speedboat?? Guessing that your pop might feel the need for speed!


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