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Hog Wild!!

I guess we know where that phrase came from!!

That, and El Chapo’s Hippo Collection!

But we are finally home! Let’s see, we started on this new odyssey October 13th… and it’s now March 2nd, a new year, and that makes it an even 140 days! Yikes!! That’s James Allen territory, but at least not in line with the cave adventure…

Good Dog Daddy! That picture of Andy in panel 3 is, well, a little off-putting! At least he returns to St. Bernard in panel 4. Let’s hope Mark can get a shave and a shower, and heal a bit. The Article! An Article must be written!! And with the magic of the comics page, we skip over that toil, and behold:

Words heal, campers. Confession is good for the soul. Never too late to redeem oneself!


2 thoughts on “Hog Wild!!

  1. Yeah, you’re right, Dennis. Andy looks more like some robot dog in panel 3. Then again, why would the Lost Forest estate be completely dark, as panel 1 suggests. Did Doc move out and leave Andy locked inside? This sounds like animal abuse! Harrumph! Harrumph!

    I think Jules has discovered the Mark Trail Time Machine, at least, where intervals are vague and elastic. And speaking of vague, there is that side story of Cherry trying to get enough money to pay for her Mom’s medical bills. A noble cause, indeed. Last we saw, Cherry was running the Blackjack table at a local casino, while Mark was considering tapping his dad for some cash. Maybe we’ll find out how things went, since it is clear Mark came home on his own, leaving Cherry and Rusty to take care of the Mom angle. So, I’m not sure that The Rest of The Story has been told just yet. So, will Jules let this story play out the rest of the week (or two), or will she adopt the tried-and-true Mark Trail Experience and end that side-story arc in one strip by showing Cherry and Rusty return and discuss Mom’s improving health over dinner.

    And speaking of dinner, we may now have the unique experience of Mark welcoming home Cherry and Rusty, instead of the other way around! And will Mark be the one who cooks dinner, as another necessary change in Mark’s male identity?

    • Folks, Let us stop this insanity. Not to be a broken record, but write letter’s. This cartoonist must do another strip. There is absolutely nothing interesting in Mark Trail now. It is an insult. Write King Features if you feel as I do. This strip actually gets worse every day. The only reason I care is I’ve looked at it for 40 years. I’m Baffled. Dennis how do you even manage to comment on this anymore? 🙂 We need person who will make Mark Trail the strip it was. This is NOT working. In any case, you may ask, with all going on in the world why should we care? Maybe because the simple things in life are what we can go back to and take the B.S. out of day to day discourse. King Features or whomever is supporting her needs to get a wake up call. Period.

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