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I sure hope that’s an electric car…

…otherwise it just wouldn’t make sense. I always questioned the efficacy of the electric car, given that the electricity has to come from somewhere, perhaps even fossil fuels? But seeing all those windmills, and personally participating in a solar farm (yes, even at the 45th parallel) gives one a bit of hope. Recently I learned that enough Electric cars plugged into the grid, charging at off hours and staying plugged in can actually be a storage medium and improve grid reliability.

Back to the story and back from a bit of head-cleansing in the Detroit Lakes area… And thanks to George for taking a turn! Well done!!

Scenic Wind Farms of Palm Springs? I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this farm, located in the San Gorgonio Pass boasts 3,218 units and produces 615 Megawatts. How that compares to Coal I leave to the reader… But this is apparently one of the windiest places on earth, so why not, you know?

An investor?? Oh no, the plot thickens again… Is Happy up to his old tricks already? How could he be plugged into this “Eco-Rap” scene? Is he hipper than Mark? Wouldn’t take much…


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