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What’s Jove got to do, got to do with it?

It seems that Lady Cheshire believes she is holding all the cards. Indeed, it is difficult to argue against the rules of a private organization. Shouldn’t Cherry have known about the existence of this homeowner’s association? Why didn’t Cherry’s clients know about these rules? Sounds like total fubar all around.

Still, Cherry’s “Happy Face” in panel 2 clearly has no positive effect on the Sunny Soleil Committee, whose membership may consist only of Violet and her husband. A quick flashback in Panel 3 confirms Cherry’s faith in Mark’s ability to send a powerful email (as he pledged) that is the equivalent of his “two fists o’ justice.” And Mark delivered the goods. But was that good? The Cheshires apparently did not think so. However, the flashback panel is a good plot device to help add the proper menacing tone to the statement begun in panel two and finished in panel four.

But look! It appears Violet (who is either shocked or brushing her teeth) is dressed in yellow in the flashback panel. Is this significant? Is the whole “violet” ambiance just a PR scam?

And By Jove! If we combine this traditional British exclamation with Violet’s last name (Cheshire), along with the plate of scones, we see a distinctively English influence. But to what end? Is the couple getting their revenge for 1776?

Anyway, where does this leave Cherry, now? She was originally concerned what affect the Committee’s decision could have on her entire business, which must be on a shoestring budget. But is confrontation the best strategy to use against a pair of judgmental snobs who hold the power of the approval pen? Cherry’s negotiations seem to be going downhill faster than the Afghani Peace Talks.


One thought on “What’s Jove got to do, got to do with it?

  1. HOAs can be horrible and costly, but you must know their rules and follow them. Best advice is to never buy property in an HOA. Petty tyrants who can put a lien on your property should be avoided.

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