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“And in this corner, weighing in at 165 lbs, hailing from Lost Forest, is Mark ‘Fists of Fury’ Trail!”

Yes, as commentator Downpuppy pointed out, size isn’t everything, and whipcord-ripped Mark has no problem sparring with The Bee. In fact, it looks like Mark’s right cross carried a meaningful message of danger to the arrogant Bee-man. Frankly, Killer Bee looks more bully than boxer, and his technique frankly stinks. I would bet that, had this “fight” gone on, Bee would go down in the first round. But as Rivera, herself, pointed out, the fight got stopped by the local version of Andre the Giant, just as it got started.

And that brings up more questions, such as

a) What’s the point of the boxing match gimmick in the first place?

b) Why was it stopped:  Did Cricket Bro get disappointed that Mark can actually fight?

c) Where is Cricket Bro, anyway?

d) How are those two Herp Hacienda members getting on?

e) And where is this story going?

So far, we have Mark invited to fly to LA and participate in a still-unseen video with Reptilionnaire; also invited to stay at Herp Hacienda, a reptile retreat filled with assorted human oddballs; then invited to a party by the video’s “money man”, “Cricket Bro“, who happens to be Mark’s childhood nemesis, Rob Bettancourt. This turned out to be a party where Mark was systematically and deliberately insulted, ignored, and threatened. We learned of a revelation by Aparna, one of the Herp Hacienda staff, about Cricket Bro stealing her intellectual property. This subplot is added on by a plan hatched by Mark to infiltrate Cricket Bro’s offices to help steal it back; but the plan was weakened by an otherwise pointless interlude with Professor Bee and Diana Daggers stopping Mark and his “street posse” on the way to Cricket Bro’s office, ruining any chance of surprise. But then a discussion between Mark and the human mountain doorman enabled Rept and Aparna to somehow slink into the off-limits Developer’s Wing. And finally, we have this outrageous boxing match setup for another alleged video. This is truly some off-the-wall goofiness!

But, other than the so-called theft of an animal air sensor phone app, where is the Injustice against Nature that Mark normally works to resolve? It has to be more than the two videos or the simple thrill of humiliating Rob “Cricket Bro” Bettancourt. There has to be something more, something much bigger. Perhaps we’ll see it this week.


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