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The Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Chat

Perhaps my Sunday blogs should be entitled “For Those Who Came in Late, along with the Sunday Nature Chat”, since my intention is to give a summary of the past six daily strips. Then again, I’m not sure if this recap serves any useful purpose to anybody. Are there readers who just read this summary and skip over the daily posts? Well, sometimes writhing this provides me with a way to think over the week and refine or revise my observations. And sometimes, I have nothing new and this becomes just a weekly summary. What do you think?

But getting on to the recap, we had a week of Cherry playing nice with Violet Cheshire of the Sunny Soleil Society, the HOA that ruined Cherry’s original landscape installations. These two women are now working together to restore the Society’s garden, which includes unveiling a statue memorializing a local pioneer (as in Daniel Boone-era pioneers). Who it is or why it is important has yet to be unveiled; but when Violet unveiled the statue, they discovered a beehive around the head of the statue. Panic ensued when the bees started swarming around Cherry and Violet. Violet thought they were killer bees, so she beat a hasty retreat to her headquarters, eventually followed by a less concerned Cherry. Violet confirmed her inability to handle stress and displayed a rush to judgement by demanding that the bees should be destroyed, even though Cherry just wanted to relocate them. Rivera warned us that this might reopen the rift between Chery and Violet, teasing us with troubles ahead. I reckon that Cherry’s attitude was based on pragmatism, rather than revenge, as she could see the HOA as a source for additional work. We’ll see how that pans out. So, that’s the week in review. And now, on to Sunday’s nature chat!

Well, I learned that the formal non-Latin name is “Canada Goose”, though we all use the more common adjectival “Canadian Goose”. Today’s Sunday strip is informative, even within the confines of its limited space. That discussion about headwinds and sharing headwind duty was news to me. But the fact that Canadian geese are disruptive and a nuisance is not news to most of us, I bet. Aside from the “Miracle on the Hudson” crash, a US Air Force radar plane crashed in 1995 after geese killed its engines on takeoff, killing all crew members.

So I want to know whose hand that is in front of Mark in panel 2. From its position in front of Mark’s body, it certainly cannot be his hand. Hey, maybe it’s a “V for Victory Hand-on-a-Stick” prop?

In spite of Mark’s remark about the V formation, I don’t think the geese were thinking of “victory”, any more than Beethoven thought of the Morse code when he composed his famous Fifth Symphony (the code hadn’t been invented yet). For that matter, there is no evidence Samuel Morse considered Beethoven’s symphony when he co-created his famous “Morse Code” (with help from the otherwise unknown Afred Vail) and assigned the pattern ***— to the letter V. And don’t forget, readers, that V is also the Latin character for the number 5! For all that, it appears that links to “victory”, Beethoven, and Morse Code first came together in WWII. Of course, somebody may have seen a relationship between the Morse V and Beethoven’s fifth symphony long before WWII; however, I’ve not found any documentation to show that. But what a great set of associations, eh? Uh, getting back to the strip, I see that Canadian Goose eggs make up the title panel, with a parent goose coming out to warn us away. Some snarkers might consider this a warning about the new Mark Trail, in general!


One thought on “The Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Chat

  1. Thanks George. I like the overview in your summaries, as the daily pieces are just snapshots of a bigger story and the overview allows observations about the story arc and its relationship to the past. Of course I love the Canada geese when the flocks fly past my house honking, not so much when I find their piles while playing golf.

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