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Honk if you like Zebra Mussels!

Okay, did Rivera forget to publish about a month’s worth of strips? At what point did Diana become a cooperating (?) partner with the person she was seething to break in half just a few weeks ago? Are we to believe Mark’s assignment is local, so he just drove over to an airport to pick up Diana? Ah, so many questions and so few answers. This is like Cherry’s sudden turnabout with Violet Cheshire, right? Hey, at least Diana has something of a personality, which is more than could be said for the reptile kids.

I see that our “animal of the week”, known for loud honking, is no competition to Diana’s broadcasting voice. Maybe Mark can turn the tables on Daggers and plant a big passionate kiss on her lips when she gets in the car and say “Glad you could make it, Diana. I’ve missed you!” Now that could be interesting!

Here is a query: What and where is this “Tom Hill Airport”? I’m guessing it is fictional. There are lots of Tom Hills on Google, but I’m going to hazard a guess that this name refers to the 19th century landscape painter who eventually moved to San Francisco and painted majestic scenes of American landscape, such as Yosemite, New Hampshire, and Utah. Hill preferred dramatic landscapes, as did many artists of the time, including Alfred Bierstadt and some of his colleagues in the so-called Hudson River School (Asher B. Durand, Fredrick Church, and Thomas Cole). Just a guess, mind you. Anyway, I don’t get to trot out my rusty art history background very often. So deal with it!

In closing, a note to Jules Rivera:  Traditions are just fine, but can Mark please change his shirt once in a while? Sure, I bet he has a closet full of red check shirts, but we’d still recognize him in a different shirt. For example, Dilbert changed from a shirt and funky tie to a polo shirt and badge. We still recognize him. Or, is Mark colorblind?


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