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Catching up time

(Personal Note: I’m back, though a bit woozy. Just FYI, I had to have eyelid surgery because of overly-baggy eyes affecting my sight. With a delayed start and some post-op excitement, a 2.5 hour procedure turned into about 6 hours. If you can imagine somebody after a fight with two black eyes, you have a good idea of what I look like! But I’m doing okay. The black eyes should disappear over several days, they say. Unfortunately, they do not make me look dangerously sexy, darn it.)

Getting to the strips, I see that Mark has forgotten (or put aside, for now) his zebra mussel assignment to catch up with Cliff, who is soldiering through his post-war anxieties by finding a purpose and companionship through his fishing lodge with other vets. And good for him, too! 

Their chat—and the earlier rescue mission—should pretty well ensure Cliff gets further involved in Mark’s mission, er, assignment. But the most interesting thing to me is that Cliff has a comfy chair made out of Mark’s shirt, or something close to it. Cool!


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