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Show-and-Tell Time

Really, was it “a tough break” for having to walk home? This comes from one of the military vets who have clearly experienced worse than a lack of transportation (unless they think Mark lives in Canada). Well, Naomi’s comment does provide the opening Mark needs to make his case and keep the story moving along.

But Mark’s “cover story” isn’t the only sin of omission here, is it? Cliff isn’t exactly coming forth with how he happened to find Mark in the first place. So, will Cliff reveal the actual facts behind this string of events? Isn’t the real reason Cliff picked up Mark so he could introduce him to the group, who just happened to be waiting around. I’m thinking that they already have a mission, and it may overlap Mark’s. Remember, Cliff and another crew member were following Mark’s boat to begin with, so there is something going on behind this convenient setup.

Er, that’s a rather funny looking zebra mussel; like it is covered with its own invasive parasites!


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