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They thought it was just a routine recon mission. Then came the bats.

Did Cherry just drop a big hint about the Sunday nature feature? In any event, I believe this group is what qualifies as your typical motley crew; and they seem to have unending endurance to march from their secret headquarters in the middle of nowhere, all the way over (however far that really is) to the SSS gardens to make plans. But is it a good idea to put the gal who can’t see at night at the back of the line?

So, Cherry, you think bats and your group are misunderstood? Perhaps if your group held public meetings or advertised its existence, more people might come to appreciate you and even hire you from time to time. Hard to be loved and appreciated when you work in the dark, Cherry, unless you are in a dark room with somebody, such as Mark, where it would suddenly become a lot easier and fun to be loved and appreciated. But, I digress.

As I feared, we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see what happens next. I do believe Rivera should have moved the story along faster, given the limited space Cherry’s stories get. However, if it wasn’t for me reminding you what took place, where would you be at the end of two weeks, when we return to Cherry’s storyline? I bet you’re not even clipping the strips from the paper, are you? And if you don’t have a subscription to Comics Kingdom, you’d have to have a great memory. Just sayin’. Hey, I think the artwork is getting increasingly better. Do you agree?

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