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So now what?

Perhaps Cricket Bro is such a narcissistic bully that he has never admitted to himself that Mark helped defeat him. Perhaps he thinks Mark is naive enough to be fooled into this scam, whereby he gets his revenge.

And Mark feels the need to respond to any idea with a prepared lecture. All he had to do was point Cricket Bro to some the earlier strips that already went over this stuff!

Are you wondering what the point is here?

Are you wondering where this is leading?

Are you wondering who will hang up first?

Are you even wondering what’s going on back at Duck Duck Goose shipping? Well, Rivera is weaving a tapestry of story threads, so we’ll have to see how it all comes together.


2 thoughts on “So now what?

  1. Or, 40 million gallons of CO2 weighs approximately 40 tons, the amount produced by just nine average cars each year. Jules could have used an even bigger number by saying 320 million cups.

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