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Just call Orkin!

If I had a poll tool readily available on this site (or if I was not too lazy to look for one and learn to use it), I would see how many readers think Mark is overreacting, Cherry is overreacting, or both are.

What should you do, Cherry? First, slap Violet in the face and reach in the aquarium and take the marimo ball. Then run home, put it in a microwave and nuke it until it burns up. Then go back to Violet and tell her it was a good thing you were there to save her once again. I’m sure she’ll thank you properly. Or you can convince Violet to hire Honest Ernest to torch it. Just a thought.

Say, do you think there is a hidden clue to the reference balloon in panel 3 pointing to Mark’s phone, and showing twin mountain peaks? Why not show them directly on the phone’s screen?

Look, I appreciate what Rivera is trying to do, linking storylines and adding more complexity. But if she wanted to make the masimo balls more of an actual threat, couldn’t Rivera have created a larger-scale problem? For example, the Sunny Soleil Society decided to distribute decorative aquariums with masimo balls to all public buildings throughout the county in celebration of the historical statue’s restoration.


One thought on “Just call Orkin!

  1. How about throwing the invasive masimo balls in a trash can? The algae and any bivalves would die without water. Although dumping the aquarium in an aquatic habitat could create a problem, almost any other disposal method would kill them. But if you were really worried, you could bake them in an oven at 350f for 60 minutes, soak them in bleach for 24 hours, place the remains in a vacuum sealed bag and drop it in a cement kiln at 2400 degrees.

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