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A Moment of Introspection and a Phony Boast

While Mark meekly whines about his popularity, Diana made one of those drama-based confessions of regret; and Mark quickly stepped on it with a guileless and fabricated statement about himself. Of course, Mark did not come to the fishing lodge to bring people together; he came to escape getting his butt kicked by thugs from the Duck Duck Goose shipping company, theoretically involved with zebra mussel smuggling in Lost Forest waters.

So what’s the plan, Mark? Are you going to raid the next cargo ship you find? Form a human chain across the river to block more cargo ships? Or maybe open up a series of hull-scraping stations to clean mussels off of incoming water craft?

And did Mark actually transmit their report to the magazine so it can be published sometime in the next four to six months? Or is he waiting to see how things pan out? Well, I’m also intrigued how this story will pan out. It certainly looks like we’re headed towards the end. And I wonder if the two thugs went back to their boss and reported they have nothing to worry about, as Mark and Diana are only looking at mussels on the outside of the ships.


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