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Why don’t I have the ability to talk to the ship’s captain, dagnabbit?

You just have to love those little puffs of steam coming out of Chedderson’s ears, like in the old animated cartoons, the ones that were actually fun to watch and not educational. On the other hand, those steam puffs form a clever visual pun of Miss Stockton’s hair in panel 3. Right?

So, okay. Rivera confuses boats and ships, as others have noted. Bad on her! But I’d bet most people do.  Easy to criticize, but maybe it never occurred to her that there was a difference to worry about?

I suppose we could fault Chedderson for not knowing about the famous nature photographer/ journalist, Mark Trail; but I doubt he is much of an outdoors person.  Somehow, Kelly Welly has wormed her way into Mark’s river dance and is now piggybacking her own profile. Will Kelly take on a more active role in this story? We haven’t seen her since Mark’s first story under Rivera’s pen.

Anyway, I wonder if we have time-shifted a bit, as Chedderson reads a social media announcement that “Mark Trail is on a boat” (not a ship, mind you). “Instant news” is an Internet meme, but we don’t yet see the outcome. Reckon that’s for Saturday.


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