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Here is the Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Talk

I’ve been yakking a lot this week, so I’ll keep this summary brief (based on my normal standards, that is).

Mark and the two “Crypto Bros” drove to the burning lumber mill. The brothers stood around while Mark yelled a lot and finally ran down the slope to get employees out of the burning lumber mill. Mark must have figured they were too dumb to evacuate on their own. Mark discovered that Dad had beat him to the mill (just like he beat Mark to Portland!) and was up in a watch tower. Mark modified his priorities to include “saving Dad”, because Mark must save people, regardless of whether they can save themselves or even need saving. In spite of the fire, Mark climbed the tower. Meanwhile, the brothers remained up the slope. As the drama heats up, we pause for the Sunday chat.

Mark presses another case for recognition of the effects of “climate change.” I’m not getting into the philosophic/political side of that, because I have a brain. And this is a comic strip blog.

Certainly, Mark’s little testimonial is not going to sway a denier or skeptic. Not sure it’s meant to, anyway. Mark’s bland “Let’s hold hands and not breath” comment might incentivize younger people to get involved, but that’s about it. Perhaps Mark should start getting more emotionally charged on Sundays, as he does in his daily strips.


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