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Trapped like rats in a fire tower!

This is the third consecutive daily strip showing the same power line crashing (or smashing) to the ground. Perhaps it just bounced several times. It sure looks pretty flaccid at this point.

Say, who are those people in the background repeating Daddy Trail’s line from Saturday and spouting off like they are in an episode of Mr. Wizard? Must be more of those slothful employees who didn’t leave earlier, when they had the chance. I suppose it would be too much to assume that they could simply walk around the downed power lines or maybe even just walk up the slope.

Finally, how does Dad just happen to have floor plans of the electrical control station stored in a fire tower?

Okay, Trailheads! The heat is on and the time is short! Lives are on the line (perhaps)! Time to call out the Secret Code of Justice: “WWMD?”


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