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The Longest Day?

So, all of the following happened over the course of a single day!?

  • Cherry and Rusty took the light rail into downtown Portland and spent “the day” sightseeing, including lunch and visiting a bookstore.
  • Meanwhile, “the four men” (including Happy Trail) drove to an animal rescue site funded, in small part, by the two brothers.
  • While there, they received word that the lumber mill was on fire.
  • They made their way to the lumber mill, or at least, to a bluff overlooking the site.
  • Somewhere along the line, Happy got separated from Mark, Bro #1 and Bro #2.
  • Happy apparently texted Cherry about this unfolding crisis (perhaps in the drive over to the fire), which caused her and Rusty to leave Portland and return.
  • Meanwhile, Mark got disgusted with the brothers’ inability to do anything, so he ran down the hill to “save the workers”, only to disdover Dad has somehow beaten him down there and is up in a tower.
  • Powerlines came down and lay across the grounds, blocking some employees from escaping.
  • Mark climbed the tower to get Dad down. But they determine that the power to the lines can be turned off if Mark makes it to the power station through the fire.
  • Of course, Mark found it, turned the power off, and saved the employees (and Dad).
  • Everybody loves Mark. Even Cherry somehow showed up for the post-crisis celebration.
  • Wood mill employees complained to Mark about poor and dangerous working conditions.
  • And now it is dark, with Rusty all alone, reading the magazine he bought in the bookstore.
  • A bear walks by Rusty’s bedroom. Will the bear test Mark’s Sunday thesis that most monster sightings are just normal animals, such as bears, not being seen clearly?

Well, I have to agree. This certainly has been a long day!


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