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A Two-Fer Post

I’ll save my horrendous day of getting on and off planes all day for another time. But there is a specific national airline this person is not going to use in the future.

So, this is all Sharp has? Mere accusations? I assumed he was going to follow up with actual evidence. Sounds familiar. Mark’s position here is ambiguous, as if he is fine letting the dupes get duped, just as long as Daddy is okay. That’s responsibility with a capital, er, lowercase “r”.

As anybody who has ever gone to a hall featuring electronic dance music or been passed by a car with seriously large speakers and high wattage can attest, the sound is really, really loud. And the bass track is almost always oppressively punishing. How is it, then, that Trail and Sharp can hear what Cricket Bro is saying? As in virtually all fiction and tell-alls, the story sometimes takes precedence over reality.


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