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Daggers drops the shades

It’s not every day we see Diana Daggers sans shades, so this assignment is clearly important to her, at least. And we now learn that Diana’s objective all along is saving Rex. Is their relationship more than professional, or has Diana gone full-tilt altruistic?

But Mark is a nature journalist, not a commando. Does Diana think Mark can expose enough of the cult’s practices to bring Rex around? You’d think Diana could do that herself. After all, why should Rex trust a stranger, especially one dressed like Sheriff Woody? The plot possibilities are piling up!

Still, Mark might want to watch his backside. Perhaps it is Diana that is part of the cult, and she has developed this negative feeling about men. Maybe Professor Bee Sharp’s betrayal put her over the edge. And now, she could be luring men into this strange cult. Tigers have to be fed, of course.


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