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When in a funk, just join a cult!

Wait, is that Caroline in the background of panel 3, before she hooked up with Honest Ernest? Well, maybe not. Anyway, seems Diana has a back-history of losing clients to cults. Perhaps she might be influencing their depression, as warmth and charm are not her strong points. But she certainly has no talent for saving them from cults! What about Mark? I don’t recall seeing that particular skill on his resume.  Still, this is the Mark Trail comic strip, so we must hope for the best.

Some readers might be hoping to see some long-awaited-for fists-o-justice action in this assignment, but having seen Mark go up against Professor Bee Sharp, I’m hoping Mark wisely brought along a holster filled with a Colt .44-40 and plenty of ammunition. It doesn’t sound like this lion zoo cult is filled with washed-up hippies.


2 thoughts on “When in a funk, just join a cult!

  1. So is the actor who went to Lost Forrest and was never seen again a reference to Jeremy Cartwright in the last James Allen series that abruptly ended? Kind of fits.

    • I don’t know. Which Jeremy Cartwright do you mean?
      Anyway, I thought that character in Allen’s last story was modeled after Jeffrey Donovan, the main actor in “Burn Notice.”

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