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The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

In case you missed the strips this past week there was some rootin’, tootin’ silliness as well as some confessions and plot developments. Mark arrived in Houston International Airport dressed up like a dude cowboy at a square dance. He was met, not by Rex Scorpius, but by Diana Daggers, who happens to be the film producer for the Rex Scorpius Streaming Show.  After a bit of snarking on Mark’s wardrobe, they drove off in her car. Then Diana revealed the real purpose of Mark’s assignment.

While the tiger roadside zoo is real, Daggers got her friend Amy Lee to give the job to Mark because she wants his help saving Rex from the clutches of a cult that is behind this roadside zoo. Apparently, Rex has confidence issues that make him vulnerable. I get the feeling that Rex is a bit more than a paycheck to Diana, but that’s just a guess. The bottom line is that this story has taken on a decidedly more serious angle, while Diana is showing a few signs of humility. Well, that’s the week. And now for something else.

HahHah! Funny title panel today: Mark Trail=Shark Trail. The things you can do with seaweed!  Rivera must think (most of) her audience is informed enough to know the annual celebration day of sharks (as mentioned in the last panel), which is July 14 (Shark Awareness Day). Not me, I had to look that up! I thought shark awareness day was any time you re-watched Jaws.

Rivera’s points are all good, though I think most also apply (aside from “finning”) to just about every other sea-born creature. I have no idea how we will be able to clean up the plastics in the ocean. I do not understand why some countries continue to dump trash into the ocean, as if it will somehow dissolve in the water. We’ll probably find cures for cancer before we figure out how to safely deal with trash.


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