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Big Mike…

…is apparently a Big Irishman who enjoys his whiskey neat and takes care of people who don’t “want to cooperate…” at the business end of a gun wielded by one of his many henchmen…  That’s quite a payroll, you have there, Big Mike…  not to mention the overhead of the lodge… You must have to get a lot of “Big City Boss” types to answer your ads…  Wall Street Journal?  Barron’s?  USA Today?  Certainly not in “Forest and Stream” or “Field and Forest” or  “Woods and Wildlife” or whatever Editor Bill Ellis/ Benefactor Wes Chapman’s Trail-rag is called…


But wait a minute…  How did this story begin?  Oh, yes… Rusty with a CAMERA (familiar territory) taking pictures of OTTERS… So who was setting the traps?  Was it Ol’ Eddie?  I can’t see Big Mike having much interest in THAT… if his real interest is in BIG GAME…  the otters were mere pawns in the game that took mark to the sound of gun shots (meant to silence Ol’ Eddie) which did not do a very good job, since OE was still able to call the Newspaperman JASON instead of LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT, with Jason able to arrive at the scene faster than Mark could sprint through the woods…  But yet again I overthink these things…  is continuity of plot really that important?  Apparently it is to me…

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