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Hasn’t seen at thing…

“What?  You haven’t seen a thing?  Come a little closer my mealy mouthed friend, a little closer and you will be caught in my snare…  I will hit you with my ‘for a little more dough, I will show you where the big boys hunt,’ line.”  It has been pointed out that Rod Bassy and Mike Morrison bear a resemblance, and you can certainly see it in panel three…  look at the profile!  Certainly Bassy couldn’t have been his given name, I am guessing now it was Morrison!


I love the bright green blazer that the sucker (I mean client) is wearing… unless he is hunting on a well-manicured gold course, he’s not exactly likely to blend into his surroundings…  And by the way Baker, ever take a gun safety course?  That not exactly the SAFEST way to be transporting your firearm

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