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Time for your close-up, Big Mike…

Did I call that or what?  Playing on the vanity and ego of the “Powerful American Male…”  Bathed in insecurity, “Baker,” bedecked in Kelly Green, declares that he made certain promises, bordering on boasts, to his “friends” back at the club…  How can he dare show his face unless he has lusty tales of giant racks conquered?? Back in the city he probably trades credit default swaps, bringing down entire economies is a single stroke…  but out here, where men are men, he is feeling less than complete…  the hook is set!


Of course, secrets revealed, below, of how we generate near perfect opposite profiles of our evil character Big Mike!  Copy from yesterday’s close up/ paste/ flip/ pan in and you get what’s in panel three above… I don’t know…  I guess a little of the old magic just went out of this for me.  And what is that in his ear?  Italy? Japan? What could the meaning of that be??

big mike fwd rev

That bear in panel two looks angry…

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