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Grislier and Grislier…

What’s Jeff fixing to bury?  Mark?  The Loot?  Is he digging for worms so he can go fishing, since he’s not much for beans, sort of like Mark not being “much for talking?”  Panel one is gruesome… Jeff kneeling over Mark’s unconscious body, length of rope in his hands, Mark’s face mushed into the wooden floor, apparently landing there with the full force of his adult nature-writer body… Again, What on earth did Mark do to deserve this?  Sometimes he can walk into places unannounced and mess with people, but this time, he just happened to be taking refuge at Old Man Dunlap’s place… home of the Artifact Trove…  What’s this?  Am I actually feeling bad for him?  I suppose I am…


But here’s something strange… Jeff Baucom actually lives in or around Kennesaw, GA, (not far from Lost forest, so we are led to believe) and he is a real bad guy!!  He choked, punched and suffocated a pregnant woman…  I know.  Nice, huh?  What- did the writers comb the police blotter and come up with a name that they could use without fear of reprisal?  Why do they need last names anyway?  This guy’s name could be Skip for all we care… it’s what he DOES that drives the story.  Although names have been important in various story lines, so I suppose I should just go with it…

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