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took him a while to dig those holes…

And with only Mark’s hands tied, he can regain consciousness and, oh I don’t know… WALK or RUN away?  But Seriously, it was broad daylight, morning even, when Jeff Baucom conked Mark Trail over the head… Now it’s pitch dark.  Even if this is the solstice, (which it could not be, since just mere weeks ago Doc Davis was bitten by a fly, which would not have been part of a hatch in December…)  again, here I go over-thinking these things…


Pine Straw.  Huh.  Now there’s something that a northerner would not be familiar with.  I know I would not be if’n I hadn’t spent so much time in the Atlanta area on assignments… it’s what they use for garden mulch.  I assume it’s a matter of gathering up the needle drop that occurs naturally with certain species of pine, bailing it and selling it to people in the suburbs… And, well, bless Jeff’s heart, maybe he was brought up in the south, all proper-like, before he turned to a life of crime… or maybe he did time on a prison work detail that mulched the gardens around the capital building.  Who knows…

But it is nice of you, Jeff Baucom, to verbalize your thoughts, so we can get a sense of what you are thinking…

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