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Good bye, Mr. Trail…

I can almost hear the Dr. Evil voice coming out of Jeff… This is all so Dr. Evil anyway, with Mark being left in an easily escapable and overly elaborate “trap.”  Of course in panel three Mark looks like he just woke up from a heavy night of drinking, except he doesn’t do that, right?  At least I don’t think he drinks anything stronger than coffee…


I swear we have seen more canoe portaging in this story than at any time in the history of the funny pages…  if nothing else, we all have a good dose of what high adventure with canoe looks like- it’s hard work!!  So if you are into that, have at it, but now you know…

Question is whether Jeff left Mark his share of the beans?  Although, left unattended I am sure they burned to a crisp, then as the fire went cold, solidified into an inedible mass… yuck.  Reconstitute with water?  Probably not worth the effort.

Again, thanks to everyone vocalizing their thoughts.  At least we don’t have to be left wondering what is being thought or planned.  This is still the silliest “caper” ever devised.  All they have accomplished so far is to break an old man’s heart…

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