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yup, and maybe someday…

Oh, I can’t go there, Rusty.  There are so many things a former orphan can dream about but will never happen, especially when you are locked in time and not allowed to mature…  even when you are allowed to wear the Junior Model Mark Trail canvas shirt with your dungarees…


And of course Mark knows all about what a “good” business is vs. a “bad” business… A “bad” business would be like the one Big Mike ran shining and poaching deer for BIG MONEY which paid for BIG GLASSES OF WHISKEY… Or the one that Rod Bassey ran selling lures that light up in the water when it’s really your SCUBA-clad henchman putting half-dead trophies on your hook…

Ethan Fauscett.  Really.  Sounds like the plumbing apparatus but with a ‘c’ and an extra ‘t.’  And I am sure he enjoys the nickname.  Better than “Wahoo” or “Skipjack” or “Bluefin…”


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