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Cherry is so excited she is doing the robot dance…

According to the Wiki, Lost Forest is in Sandy Springs, GA.  Let’s assume for a moment that Mark and rusty headed to the coast, say Jacksonville, FL.  That’s a 5 hour drive.  Savannah, GA.  4 hours.  Charleston, SC.  5 hours.  Unless they have mastered space and time, it’s unlikely that they would be back at Lost Forest in time for dinner…  They would have had to leave at midnight, fished in the morning, off the water at noon and on the road…  Maybe I am just shocked, dismayed and disappointed (as I am sure they are) at having the family all back together again.  Bad things happen when they are all together…


Nice job feigning interest, Cherry.  And Mark how about “I am going to go to Pelican Point to bother Jessica and her boyfriend and see what trouble I can get myself into…”  That is a much more declarative statement.  You don’t need anyone’s permission, if that’s what you are angling for… you are Mark Trail after all…

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