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That’s right , Mark… lay on the ol’ “Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda…”

…because that’s helpful…  easy for you to start suggesting to Holland that he consider the whole project to be a sunk cost…  a bad decision…  Don’t keep throwing money at it, cut your losses and move on!  Except that it may not BE a BAD DECISION…


And Mark, maybe you should just butt the hell out of this situation, since you have no standing here…  unless of course you consider all the earth your cause and you are free to go and meddle wherever you want…  Of course that’s the case…  This all reminds me of the movie “Mr. Deeds.”  One of the only Adam Sandler Vehicles I found worth watching…  Where he tries to thwart the takeover of the company rightfully his (only to have it not turn out that way) but to change the hearts of all the greedy robber barons at the shareholder meeting…  We never get to see how the company turns out- whether or not it continues to prosper, thrive and create positive shareholder returns.  It’s enough that we turned stone hearts back into a living, feeling, pumping organs…

So as the Fiddler Crabs do their little courtship mambo, and with the moon risen full, Mark will continue to wear down the industrialist…  how many more days can Justin take until he cracks- his conversion complete- and turns to the good side?  And where are the dudes in the shark boat with their what- explosives?  We’ll have to wait and see…

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