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oh, that’s right… I’m left-handed…

Kudos to faithful reader J. Wilk who picked up on the fact that Mitchum keeps changing hands…  Yesterday he was threatening with his right, and today he’s back to his left…  This is still just silly.  Imagine a situation (I know, difficult as it would be…) where you disagreed with your boss at work.  Your first move would be to hire two thugs (whose role remains unclear at this time) and threaten his life with a gun?  With a total of four witnesses now??  And I can’t decide whether Mitchum’s name reminds me more of tough guy actor Robert, or the underarm deodorant that only had to be applied weekly (good Lord, what did they put in that stuff??)


That’s right, Mark.  Confuse the lad while he has you at gunpoint… “Our plans?  My plan?  Oh, eat lead , Nature Boy, I’ll just start with you…”  But as we are reminded constantly, the strip is named after him, and while there was effective succession planning regarding the creative mind behind all this, there is only one, and will only ever be one, Mark Trail…  Ageless, Timeless, without peer… Mitchum, your plan has as much structure as a boneless chicken, and it has now met its end, barely before it began… I hope you haven’t already spent your year-end bonus… looks like it won’t be coming after all…

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