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OK, I will allow it…

Sort of like a trial judge (on TV at least) warning counsel that they may be treading on thin ice and that they had better prove the relevance of their line of questioning fast or the whole thing is going to get struck from the record…  here we are again…  I’d like to think (again) that Mr. Allen has a plan, a storyboard if you will, that will make sure that we don’t just meander for the next few weeks (or months…)


An ape?  Really Mark?  Unless you have stumbled onto the Honolulu Zoo, your chances of finding an ape are pretty thin… but oh, I get it… humor.  You are going for a laugh here.  A little bit of “I play a Naturalist in a comic strip” humor, which immediately works for anyone who knows that there are no Wild Primates in Hawaii.

So, drawn to the “other side,” much like a moth to a flame, Mark will certainly go and find out what’s there.  Flash to Cherry by the pool who is, by now, thinking that shirtless doorman is looking pretty good…


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