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You think?

As the Wild Boar charges, Mark apparently still has time to dish out the most obvious of directives…  And bless his heart, Mark is only concerned for Abbey’s safety…  Once again, though, Mark’s instincts are dangerous- and only serve to put himself and his companions in jeopardy.


But let’s think for a moment about the wild boar- isn’t that also an invasive species?  What the hell is it doing on an “unstable atoll?”  According to the Wiki, we have the early explorers to thank for this… releasing domesticated pigs on purpose in order that future expeditions would have a readily huntable food supply…  I have also learned that a group of wild pigs is called a sounder…  let’s hope they don’t run into one of those…

In unrelated news, I discovered yesterday why watching football  on TV is so incredibly frustrating, aside from the fact that my team, the Green Bay Packers, and Aaron Rodgers in particular, is becoming the greatest disappointment in the league…


The fact that a game will take 3 hours of your life away from you, and only 6% of that time will be spent actually watching football players playing football.  That more time is spent watching replays than actual action.  That over a full hour of that 3 hours will be spent watching commercials… often the same damn ones over, and over, and over again…  Think about it.  If you really valued your time, you could watch an entire football game’s worth of actual action in 11 minutes.  Eleven minutes.  Of course I have devoted days’ worth of my life to this blog, so I’m not sure what that says about me…  choices, I guess.

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