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How about threatened?  Maybe there’s a den of little Boar-lets nearby.  Protecting territory is as old as time.  This has to be the slowest wild boar on record though… based on the videos posted, Mark would have been gored in the knee before he could say “What th—”


But how does a shoulder bag, securely around Abbey’s neck and shoulder, suddenly fall to the ground??

7 thoughts on “Enraged?

  1. Somewhere along the story line, Abbey traded her fanny pack in for a shoulder bag. How much more does she have on her ocean-going dingy?

  2. Daniel,

    Well, if we’re going to accept the dubious premise that some rich couple had the foresight (and stupidity) to carry firewood on an ocean-going yacht, we can’t get too surprised when other characters (Abbey) start acting like “The Banana Man” on the old Captain Kangaroo show, who always pulled a trainload of bananas and other fruit (to say nothing of the train) out the pockets of his coat.

    And we really should not get upset over the sophomoric plotting and constant patronizing way this strip’s characters keep lecturing the readers or stating the obvious. Yet we do.

    Oh, where is E.C. Segar, Harold Gray, or Milton Caniff? We need somebody who can make adventure strips great again.

  3. Ever since “The Cave”, Allen keeps finding more opportunities for the silhouette effect, or perhaps, it is just a good excuse to spend less time on actually drawing figures. Not much more you need to do other than create a reasonable outline and blacken it in.

  4. I see Cherry splayed out on the King size bed, surrounded by empty Mai Tai glasses and local interest brochures, a satisfied smile on her face as the Tonga warrior doorman exits Kings’ Cottage number 56, Trails’ Porsche keys in hand.

  5. Moss: I think you’re right. Oh, why can’t we have some cutaways to Cherry’s story arc? It’s got to be a lot more interesting than looking at these two boors stumble from one contrived mess to another!

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