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OK, that was fun…

And for what it’s worth, screw the ants…  I mean, really?


Once again we are led into a situation on a wild hare (or is it hair??)  Bats?  Let’s witness some human trafficking, get shot at and go get lost in a cave system… RIFA’s?  Let’s leave poolside and the resort with the 600 thread-count sheets, charter a Helicopter, climb to the top of something, get charged by a Wild Boar, climb up a dead tree and then fall 100 feet into 12 inches of water, head first, appear unscathed and move on…  to what end? I ask… To what end?  <<COUGH>> indeed…

Mark, in panel two, is going for humor again, an indefatigable mixture of the dry and ironic… 2 out of 5 Elrods for that…elrods… mostly for effort.

2 thoughts on “OK, that was fun…

  1. yes, this is a form of Chinese water torture in that this adventure is moving at a snail’s pace. But remember in the Allen world only ninety minutes has elapsed since leaving Cherry at the cabana. I predict were into six month story installments and this one will conclude around Dec. 31st!

  2. Okay. If Mark slipped over the side as we saw, how did he happen to land head first? It could not have been high enough for him to actually flip 180 degrees before hitting the water. And survive. But you’re right, Dennis. This is the Cave Story Arc, with a few scenes re-sorted. A pox on you, Andy, if you’re correct!

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