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Cheap Suspense

Just like the most interesting thing to a dog is what’s on the other side of a closed door, we are constantly told to wait and wonder what’s in the next panel, the one that will appear the following day.  It’s a device, not an an especially clever one, that will keep a story moving, and readers coming back, I suppose…  But what is it that Abbey is seeing?  Did Cal set himself on fire along with his chopper?  Is there a tribe of native islanders looking for their next meal? (OK, I have no knowledge that the Hawaiian people, of any sort, were cannibals…)


But if it’s as big and obvious as Abbey is making out (again, without the aid of her necessary, pre-scription eye-glasses) then why does she even need to point out the “menace?”

Thanks for the comment that what we have experienced since Cherry had the good sense to not get in the Helicopter with Mark and Cal has taken maybe a couple of hours in real time, but has stretched out 40 days.  So, no, boys and girls, you aren’t just imagining the “James Allen Effect,” you are, in fact, living it.

3 thoughts on “Cheap Suspense

  1. Abbey sees invasive bats with white nose syndrome being shot by human smugglers with AK-47s. Of course killing invasive species found in vulnerable habitats is actually a good thing.

    We will be on this “volcanic atoll” long into the new year. Cherry’s excellent vacation could be much more interesting.

  2. For all of the drama and histrionics, Abbey does not look any worse for wear. In fact, she somehow looks better. Odd how falling over a “ledge” into water can revive you (and your sense of sight). Maybe that’s Mark’s secret: Keep falling into water.

    And what’s with the high-minded reply of Mark in panel 2, questioning Abbey’s sense of propriety and shared danger? He could have just said “What is it?” It gives one pause to ponder the underlying symbolism:
    “Abbey, what are you talking about??” : “Isn’t this getting a bit old, Abbey?”
    “Abbey, what are you talking about??” : “What do you mean “we”, Kemo Sabe?”
    “Abbey, what are you talking about??” : “Just great. More female hysterics!”
    “Abbey, what are you talking about??” : “Did the last reader of this strip finally expire?”

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