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April Fools?

So confused… like I woke up in a strange land where even the English language makes no sense…


You get the plane? Find a place we can hook up??  A Rendezvous location that can accommodate a four-seater?  What?  Huh?

Guessing that the hairless one is the “professional” get-away driver, and he’s clearly not finished with this particular get-away…  How does one advertise if this is one’s chosen profession?  Maybe Craig’s List?  I’m guessing he’s self employed and doesn’t have a great Dental plan.

And it appears that they are adding kidnapping to their rap sheet.  Usually it’s Rusty who is bound and gagged, but this time it’s someone new… For now we’ll call her Blondie, while I continue to struggle categorizing these entries…

4 thoughts on “April Fools?

  1. after over a year’s absence, the Trail Thugs return with all of their misshapen noses glory!
    Thanks James for the Christmas present today!
    As for Blondie and this disjointed story line, I’m sure it’s Abby Powell again sans specs and with longer locks.

  2. Following on Andysonwer, I’m guessing it is the original blonde-on-the-yacht-on-the-deserted-island. And her head is about 1 1/2 times too big for that torso. But still, it’s nice to see thugs are starting to wear uniforms. Obviously, a professional association! 🙂

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