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Nary a thought of, “What the…?”

I mean, seriously.  Mark has to wonder why this is “normal” for him- no matter where he goes, he runs into trouble, or trouble seems to find him… Of course without trouble, the strip would become an impossible snooze… But lately the trouble is always directed at him… not around him… Cases in Point:  Rod Bassey wasn’t out to hurt Mark, just win fishing tournaments by cheating; Big Mike didn’t want to hurt Mark, he just ran a rigged hunting and expedition operation, and so on…


Yet here we are, again, with Mark’s life being threatened.  And he’s asking himself to THINK… Well, he’s not doing a very good job of that, as witnessed by this last week’s worth of installments.  And given the amount of traveling Mark does, wouldn’t he just be able to go out and pick his car, like in those commercials?  Why is he stopping at the desk?  His Name should already be on the board and the car waiting for him!  Maybe they don’t offer that service at the Rapid City Airport?  So many questions!


One thought on “Nary a thought of, “What the…?”

  1. at least were starting to exit the airport environs after 9 days of real time versus 6 minutes of Trail time, that is until mayber Mark hems and haws at the rental car counter for another week…

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