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Let’s make this a little more obvious…

With Mark stroking his whiskerless chin he is rapidly giving himself away!  The fact that he is thinking, thinking of a way out of this!  One that will out Ol’ Baldy and not get him and “The Girl” shot…


So it appears that he can’t walk and think at the same time, which is making everyone impatient.  “Give me a Minute- I’m working on it?”  That’s the best you got, Trail?! But with the knowing and cunning look, Mark clearly has something up his sleeve.  Why not a good old fashioned haymaker?  A roundhouse to Baldy’s jaw?  He’d never see it coming!  C’mon Mark, Just like in the old days…

3 thoughts on “Let’s make this a little more obvious…

  1. Dennis,
    You are so right. Trail has had several opportunities to rush Baldy. But why not? Did he lose his cajones? Is self-doubt intruding too much into his decision-making? Perhaps Allen will use this opportunity to try and link Trail to younger, millennialists:

    Scenario one: Trail suddenly turns around, throws his hands in the air, and shouts “DON’T SHOOT! DON’T SHOOT! WHITE LIVES MATTER!” Everybody in the airport turns to face Trail, believing he is some kind of crackpot racist. Baldy, who is now confused and embarrassed, lets go of the blonde while Trail grabs the woman and runs off.

    Or, he resorts to some familiar action movie diversions:

    Scenario two: Trail falls on the floor, clutching his stomach while yelling “OOOH! Appendecitis! Somebody call an ambulance, quick!” When everybody in the airport turns to look, Baldy takes a powder.

    But, who can resist a bit of old-fashioned humor and contemporary airport paranoia as a way to solve a problem:

    Scenario three: Trail turns to Baldy and starts the 3 Stooges routine of waving his index finger up and down in front of his face. As Baldy follows the moving finger, Trail grabs his gun and yells “TERRORIST! TERRORIST!” Baldy runs away, as the woman and Mark—still holding the gun—is surrounded by police. Mark spends the next two days convincing Homeland Security that he is not a terrorist, nor a Baldy’s partner.

    Or, Trail simply slugs Baldy, as you suggested.

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