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What?! Does he think we don’t follow along?

She Speaks Again!  Now only to contradict the only other thing she said!


And where have you been, young lady?  We established Mark’s identity many installments ago… and Mark, always looking for a compliment aren’t you?  Only to be smacked down in person!  “You’re no entomologist!”  Ha! It doesn’t cut any deeper than that…

But seriously folks, as Mark used to say, “What th…?!”

4 thoughts on “What?! Does he think we don’t follow along?

  1. I can only hope the last comment in the last panel is not directed at . . . moi?

    I admit befuddlement at some of the contradictions in the plot lines and the inconsistent depictions of the natural world that inhabit the Trailverse. But I do love to discover and point these out first thing upon opening my morning newspaper. I derive something of the same pleasure reading Mark Trail with a critical eye, as I get from doing one of those “What’s wrong with this picture” puzzles, before I move on to the sudoku, crytpoquip, and crossword to start my day.

    Nonetheless, I hold firmly to the belief that Mr. Allen must be able to detect in my comments (should he read them) the depth of affection I have developed for his efforts. Where would I be without Mark Trail? The world needs him, as well as the snark he engenders, more than ever.

  2. yet again another biennial acknowledgement from the author that he is watching we critics.
    Let the “snarky” observations continue by the continually intrigued followers.

  3. George
    If only she were wearing some sort of hat to help identify her, or lounging in a bikini.

    But who knows what might yet happen in the Badlands outside the civilized enclave of Rapid City?

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