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Nice Peterbilt!

The iconic long-nose of a Peterbilt truck I am sure has inspired many an argument amongst truck aficionados…  Mack, Kenworth, Volvo… Sort of like Cubs or White Sox, Mets or Yankees.  Designated hitter or not. Hell, anything would be more exciting that this story…


Again, what? Doesn’t Baldy know how to drive?  What use does he have for Mark now other than dead?  Smart of him, I guess, to demand the keys…

2 thoughts on “Nice Peterbilt!

  1. Sure, why would Mark and Blondie do anything useful while Baldy is away, such as:
    a. hot-wiring the car and leaving
    b. jumping out of the car once Baldy is in the store and running away in different directions, while yelling “Help! Help! Call the police!”
    c. having Blondie jump out of the car and yell “Rape! Rape!” while Mark jumps into the truck so he can surprise Baldy when he comes running out to quiet the Blondie..
    I would have suggested “pop the trunk, get the tire iron and brain Baldy when he comes back”, but cars no longer have actual tire irons, much less real spare tires (or any spare at all).

    So, will Mark do something smart – for once – or will his “love of adventure” get the best of him once again and force him to let things play out? Perhaps it is in James Allen’s comic strip contract with the North American Syndicate that he is not allowed to be clever too early in the story.

    But the more prosaic response might be “If they got the best of Baldy now, the story would be over!” But WOULD it? Maybe it would just be a prelude to a greater, more insidious adventure for Mark to figure out, such as “what’s the point of this adventure, anyway?”

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