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Sheriff, you da (hatchet) man!

With finger on the trigger and one last line, Baldy prepares to dispatch Mark… Little does he know that the tomahawk, err… hatchet, is winging its way toward him, silently, with bone-crushing aim, destined to break his grip, if not his hand…


So with a CRACK and a K-THUD, Sheriff Stober gains the upper hand, so to speak,  assuming that the cracking sound is coming from Baldy’s Metacarpals and Phalanges… he won’t be punching or pointing a gun with his right hand any time soon.

And what’s with the shape-shifting gun?  Does the Tomahawk strike with such force that it’s flattening out, spreading and rearranging the molecules of the gun itself??

I still say that the “tomahawk”  looks more like a camping hatchet, but whatever…

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