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Non-Sequitur City

This is funny.  It’s like no one is listening to the other…


Other than, the “Yeah, I’m OK,” it’s Baldy: “My Hand is Broken,” Sheriff: “The pilot bailed out of the plane,”  Mark: “We really need to take shelter!”

Which brings us all up to speed with the exception of Johnny Loan Elk and Blondie, who are somewhere else in the Ghost Town…

Mark is showing genuine concern for Baldy, who by now is raising his broken hand to his mouth why?  Is he going to wretch?  Ewww.  He’s still got a left hand, though… I’d secure the gun if I were you…

One thought on “Non-Sequitur City

  1. Hey Sheriff, how about putting handcuffs on Baldy?? Looks like Mark is trying to help Baldy stand up, instead of neutralizing the guy who was one camping hatchet throw away from killing him.

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