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See Jane run!

Thanks, Mark, for once again pointing out the obvious…


If I recall, Johnny knows where he’s going, Sheriff…

Unless Johnny thinks he can dodge a funnel cloud by taking a less direct route and changing course repeatedly…

Happy Turkey Day, all.  Got a date with a 21-pounder on the Weber grill…  along with Bourbon Sweet Potatoes and other fixings.  Oh yea, and the Vikings are playing the Lions… GO LIONS!  Can’t let those dirty bums run away with the NFC North, especially after what they did to the Pack!  Or should I say what they did to the one player who converts the Packers from mediocre to contenders every year…


One thought on “See Jane run!

  1. That’s okay, Dennis. In spite of your obviously wrong-headed beliefs about football teams (as if I really cared about them, anyway), we’ll still stick with your blog! 🙂 Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, by the way. We sure did.

    And where are the two bad guys, if Mark and The Sheriff have the time to stand on the porch and watch Johnny and Blondie stumble across the street?

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