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Like Lambs to the Slaughter…

It would seem that a broken right hand and a fall from the sky is all it takes to (finally) subdue these desperados…  Such sad faces signaling defeat!  No fight left in them at all…


And thank you Sheriff for pointing out the Bank… I guess it doesn’t say “Bank,” it just looks like every other non-descript, camel-brown building on this abandoned main street…  And what’s with your right hand?  All withered and shriveled and decrepit?  Ick.

You know, let’s hope that they ignore, or at least don’t believe, the story of the Grizzly… Have Samson attack and eat them.  That would be awesome!

One thought on “Like Lambs to the Slaughter…

  1. Yeah, watching Samson chow down would add some needed humor and just desserts, so to speak. But take a look at the changing scale of the Sheriff in panel two. Never mind the 3/4 rear facial view in panel one that Allen uses over and over and looks like the Sheriff is wearing some kind of mask. No, look at the difference between his head in panel two and the rest of the body. Sooooo wrong!

    And is the Sheriff giving Baldy a pat on the back or what? I’m sure he is pointing, but what a useless (pointless) gesture for this panel, given the crowded scene. You know, even in panel two, I just can’t get away from how much the Sheriff’s face looks like a mask.

    Final point: I understand why the two bank robbers have their heads lowered, but what about Trail? Is he going native? Falling under Stokholm syndrome? Maybe I’m reading too much into it. I suppose Trail just has to get as much face time as possible.

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