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Hey! – I must be losing my mind!

As Dirty is beckoned up and into this mysterious apartment, complete with an African-derived mount, he is surprised to see (once again) a newspaper!!


One can only assume (by the mount, anyway) that we has come to see his old business associate from the Rhino horn caper… perhaps to collect on his end of the enterprise… since he did deliver some horns (ultimately, I would suppose) before meeting an untimely end at the hands of Trail…

2 thoughts on “Hey! – I must be losing my mind!

  1. “Hey! – A newspaper!” as if, somehow, Dirty was marooned in the hold of a Vorgon cruiser plowing through the galaxy and came upon an old issue of “Grit”. Maybe not.

    Well, I wonder what’s on the front page of said paper? Perhaps a headline story how Mark Trail, noted nature photographer, helped capture a gang of notorious bank robbers (but didn’t get any photos). Thus, finally endeth the story as it segues into (or, perhaps, back to) the original story arc of Dirty’s Revenge, just before that story line segued into the “Mark and the Bank Robbers” story.

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