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Who in the world???

Non-verbal clowns… named after German Kaisers… making (again) front page news… “Set to retire?”  Who even tracks or cares about such things??


But enter, stage left, who?  Shake-ya-booty?  He looks like Victor Buono, the guy who played the evil King Tut on the original Batman TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward??


“Unexpectedly Extended…?”  As usual, who in the world talks like that??  But it’s clear that these two have history…  which we will no doubt learn more about in the coming weeks!

2 thoughts on “Who in the world???

  1. The second panel of the latest strip shows why Allen relies a lot upon stock templates…and what happens when he goes freehand. Is “Victor” smaller than Dirty, as he appears to be in panel one (notice he even looks up) or is he a giant looking down on a diminutive Dirty in panel two? Or maybe the concept of scale just got out of hand. Then there is the matter of what appears to be a cape draped across Dirty’s back in panel two, or just some inelegant inking.

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